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How to configure Wake-on-LAN over LAN and the Internet

by Cengiz Kuskaya

In this tutorial I will shortly describe how to configure your ADSL Modem and your PC or Server to wake up from LAN or over the WAN (Internet).

PC or Server Requirements :

1) The motherboard of your PC or Server should support Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature and must be enabled from the BIOS.

2) Your Network Card (NIC) should also support WOL and must be enabled. Basically check it over the network adapters properties and be sure that it is set to enabled.


3) As last requirement, you power supply must support WOL. It should be able to send +5 Volt to the Netword Card. You can basically check it by looking at the RJ45 Ethernet port behind your PC’s chassis. After shutting down the PC the Network Adapters green light should lit. This would mean that your power supply supports WOL.

ADSL Modem or Router Requirements :

1) You should able to open the port TCP 7 on your ADSL Modem for incoming traffic. This is only needed if you want to wake up your PC over the Internet otherwise you don’t need it. All ports can be used to receive the Magic Packet over the internet but mostly TCP 7 is used. You should configure your ADSL Modem so that all incoming trafiic to TCP Port 7 is redirected to the IP Address of your PC or Server which you want to wake up.

2) If you want to wake up your PC over the LAN or Internet an ARP record for your PC or Server should be available on your ADSL Modem. Most of the ADSL Modems which are used at homes clears the ARP Table after a power off.

3) In such a case if you power on your ADSL Modem before going to work and if you try to wake up your server from the office you will probably not able to that.

4) In such a situation you should first connect to your ADSL Modem via telnet and add an ARP record so that your Modem knows where the server is. As mentioned after powering off your ADSL Modem the ARP record will be probably lost. Only expensive ADSL Modems allows adding a static ARP record.


Telnet FQDN or IP
Arp add 4D:51:D5:9D:5H:29

5) After adding the ARP record we need a tool to send the Magic Packet to wake up your PC or Server. Depicus Wake-on-LAN tool is one of the best I have seen. It’s totally free. You can download it from the link below.

6) The most important thing is, if you want to send the Magic Packet from the Internet you should use as Subnet Mask . This will send the Magic Packet directly to the mentioned IP in the screenshot below. If you use as Subnet Mask the Magic Packet will be send to the Broadcast IP Address of your Internet Provider and the Provider will not forward it to the IP Address.


7) If you are sending the Magic Packet from your LAN you should use as Subnet Mask . The Packet will be send to the ADSL Modems Broadcast IP Address and it will than forward it to the PC or Server internal IP Address.


Good luck !