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Netflix Error Code d7356

by Cengiz Kuskaya

Trying to play a video in Netflix can result with with error code D7356. After some research I figured out that some of the users at various discussion groups reported that turning off the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” fixed their problem.

Unfortunately, turning off the hardware acceleration option did not fix the problem in my case and resulted this time in error code D7701-1003.

Now, I decided to login to Netflix with Google Chrome instead of Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser to figure out if this is a Netflix or browser related problem.

Bingo ! I was able to successfully play the video. It was basically a browser related problem. I haven’t further investigated into this problem because it was resolved from my perspective.

My Version of Edge Chromium was as follows.

Edge Chromium
Version 80.0.361.50 (Official build) (64-bit)

Good luck !