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Free VPN Download

by Cengiz Kuskaya

FREE VPN Services in 2020

There are a lots of articles on the internet with the title “Free VPN Services in 2020” or similar titles, but if you go to the VPN Providers website which are alleged to provide Free VPN Services you will either confront with an 1 week trial and limited so called Free VPN Service or non of them. Based on my research most of these “Free VPN Service” articles are mostly supported and submitted by the VPN Providers itself.

The “FREE” keywoard is attractive and therefore used nearly by all VPN Providers to get more customers and to increase their website traffic but as far as I could see there is only one Vendor which provides really free VPN Service since several years.

This Vendor is Opera. Opera browser has an VPN extension which works really fast and stable without Ads. The built-in VPN feature of Opera provides also 3 selectable locations (Asia, Europe and America) so you can select one of them that best fits your needs.

Let us install and check Opera browsers VPN feature :

1. First download and install Opera . It’s pretty easy and straightforward.

2. Doubleclick the *.exe and click on install.

3. Click on the upper left corner and select settings.

4. On the right upper search box type “vpn” and enable the browsers VPN feature.

5. Click on the blue VPN button to select your preferred location.

You are now ready to surf safely on the internet from your preferred location.

Good luck !